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You can suffer from the pain of a broken leg, but you may also endure from shyness, regret, poverty, or any number of disagreeable things. You can even describe something that becomes worse using the word suffer, like when somebody’s grades suffer during soccer season. The root of undergo is the Latin word sufferre, to bear, endure, or endure.

endure – To endure something is, etymologically, to “hold or maintain it from underneath,” from Latin sufferre, “maintain.” ed two strokes and endured mind most cancers since I was arrested and imprisoned. That has some optimistic that companies persevering with to suffer via the pandemic will get one other lifeline to carry on. Many content material advertising methods and departments endure from an general siloed structure. Five of my mom’s six siblings undergo from despair or bipolar dysfunction. undergo usually suggests acceptance or passivity rather than courage or patience in bearing.

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He had witnessed harrowing scenes after the tsunami that had brought on him to endure from flashbacks. Reading may be staring down the barrel of monetary ruin if they undergo one other relegation. Without a major enhance in tourism, the economic system will endure even additional. something bad, you might be in a state of affairs in which one thing painful, harmful, or very disagreeable occurs to you. You do not use ‘undergo’ to say that somebody tolerates an disagreeable particular person.


Older infants could also be extra prone to have moved around to different foster houses and thus to have suffered extra disruptions than younger infants. As step one of their model, one hobo element suffered insertion of one other hobo element at a goal sequence present in the first factor. Unfortunately she suffered problems in a later being pregnant and the sew needed to be eliminated.

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