Due to the impact of COVID19 all over the world, international shipments now takes longer to be checked and shipped than usual. Sincerely apologize for the delay and hope you could understand and kindly wait for the package.
The Canadian Post Office exploded warehouses, the post office delivery and customs clearance were slow. This is an announcement issued by Canada Post.

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      Azur Lane

      Atago Azur Lane-Ahegao-Hoodie-VIO STORE Atago Azur Lane-Ahegao-Hoodie-VIO STOREOn Sale
      From $32.95 $39.95
      Fox Girl-Anime Girl-Hoodie-VIO STORE Fox Girl-Anime Girl-Hoodie-VIO STOREOn Sale
      From $32.95 $39.95
      Kaga Azurlane-Azur Lane-Hoodie-VIO STORE Kaga Azurlane-Azur Lane-Hoodie-VIO STOREOn Sale
      From $29.95 $39.95
      Akagi Azur Lane-Ahegao-Hoodie-VIO STORE Akagi Azur Lane-Ahegao-Hoodie-VIO STOREOn Sale
      From $32.95 $39.95
      Belfast Azurlane-Ahegao-Hoodie-VIO STORE Belfast Azurlane-Ahegao-Hoodie-VIO STOREOn Sale
      From $32.95 $39.95