Due to the impact of COVID19 all over the world, international shipments now takes longer to be checked and shipped than usual. Sincerely apologize for the delay and hope you could understand and kindly wait for the package.
The Canadian Post Office exploded warehouses, the post office delivery and customs clearance were slow. This is an announcement issued by Canada Post.

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      COPYRIGHT law protects the expression of an original idea recorded in a tangible form, such as artwork in the form of photographs or paintings and literary works in the form of poems or stories.

      TRADEMARK law protects the use of words, symbols, designs or logos that identify and distinguish a source of goods.

      PUBLICITY RIGHTS protect an individual’s name, image and likeness. Basically this means you can’t use someone else’s identity, to your commercial advantage, without their consent.

      If you believe that your content has been used in a way that constitutes an infringement of your rights, please notify cosrol designated email: support@viostore.services by sending a Notice and Takedown Report, which must include the following important information:

      1. A link to the item that infringes on your rights

      2. Proof of your artwork (it can be your webpage, or many other factors)

      3. Your Name and Phone Number

      4. Please title the email: TAKEDOWN REPORT

      Email is: support@viostore.services